Maximilian Mozes

I'm a PhD student at University College London supervised by Lewis Griffin (Department of Computer Science) and Bennett Kleinberg (Department of Security and Crime Science). My research focuses on the intersection of adversarial machine learning and natural language processing.

I obtained a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science (minor in Mathematics) from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) in March 2019.

During my undergraduate studies, I have worked as a visiting research scholar at the Language and Information Technologies Group of the University of Michigan's Artificial Intelligence Lab and as a research intern in the Department of Psychology at the University of Amsterdam.

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Frequency-Guided Word Substitutions for Detecting Textual Adversarial Examples
Maximilian Mozes, Pontus Stenetorp, Bennett Kleinberg, Lewis D. Griffin.
EACL 2021.
The Grievance Dictionary: Understanding Threatening Language Use
Isabelle van der Vegt, Maximilian Mozes, Bennett Kleinberg, Paul Gill.
Behavior Research Methods, 2021.
Measuring Emotions in the COVID-19 Real World Worry Dataset
Bennett Kleinberg, Isabelle van der Vegt, Maximilian Mozes.
NLP COVID-19 Workshop, ACL 2020.
Online Influence, Offline Violence: Linguistic Responses to the 'Unite the Right' Rally
Isabelle van der Vegt, Maximilian Mozes, Paul Gill, Bennett Kleinberg.
Journal of Computational Social Science, 2020.
Uphill from Here: Sentiment Patterns in Videos from Left- and Right-Wing YouTube News Channels
Felix Soldner, Justin Chun-ting Ho, Mykola Makhortykh, Isabelle van der Vegt, Maximilian Mozes, Bennett Kleinberg.
Proceedings of the Third Workshop on Natural Language Processing and Computational Social Science, NAACL-HLT 2019.
Identifying the Sentiment Styles of YouTube's Vloggers
Bennett Kleinberg, Maximilian Mozes, Isabelle van der Vegt.
EMNLP 2018.
paper / dataset
Using Named Entities for Computer-Automated Verbal Deception Detection
Bennett Kleinberg, Maximilian Mozes, Arnoud Arntz, Bruno Verschuere.
The Journal of Forensic Sciences, 63, 3, p. 714 - 723, 2017.
paper / code
Web-Based Text Anonymization with Node.js: Introducing NETANOS (Named Entity-Based Text Anonymization for Open Science)
Bennett Kleinberg, Maximilian Mozes.
The Journal of Open Source Software, 2, 14, 2017.
paper / code
NETANOS - Named Entity-Based Text Anonymization for Open Science
Bennett Kleinberg, Maximilian Mozes, Yaloe van der Toolen.
Preprint, 2017.
preprint / code

Organised workshops

A gentle introduction to word embeddings for the computational social sciences
Maximilian Mozes and Bennett Kleinberg.
2019 European Symposium on Societal Challenges in Computational Social Science: Polarization and Radicalization, September 2019, Zurich, Switzerland.
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Linguistic temporal trajectory analysis - a dynamic approach to text data
Bennett Kleinberg, Maximilian Mozes and Isabelle van der Vegt.
2018 European Symposium on Societal Challenges in Computational Social Science: Bias and Discrimination, December 2018, Cologne, Germany.
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Teaching activities

Teaching assistant: Theory of Computation
University College London, Academic year 2020/21.

Teaching assistant: Introduction to Deep Learning
University College London, Academic year 2020/21.

Tutor/teaching assistant: Analysis for Computer Science
Technical University of Munich, Winter term 2018/19.
Organized tutoring sessions in "Analysis for Computer Science" for undergraduate students in Informatics/Computer Science.

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